Peace building and conflict mitigation ,Programme

After decades of civil war, the signing of Sudan’s Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005 provided unprecedented opportunities for peace building and improving the humanitarian and development situation. However, a lack of peace dividends for conflict‐affected communities in border areas has perpetuated tensions based on resources.

An absence of social services and livelihood opportunities, and perceptions of isolation and marginalization all contribute to undermining durable peace in the border areas, where poverty rates are up to 90%. Continued armed fighting, pressures on grazing and water resources and struggles over land rights contribute to instability.

In partnership with UNDP and USAID, we are running access to justice and peace dialogue projects respectively in Leer and Mayendit counties. The two projects aim to promote peace building and effective conflict management among the of these counties, and in the larger South Sudan as a country by strengthening community dialogues towards peacebuilding  and increasing security in these communities