Nutrition Programme

High levels of food insecurity leave many children hungry, while the food they have access to often doesn’t contain all the essential nutrients needed to help them grow and develop. Frequent diarrhoea, due to poor access to clean water and sanitation further aggravates the situation. The majority of the population live far from a health facility, making early detection and treatment of malnutrition challenging.

In partnership with UNICEF, WFP and WHO we run nutrition programmes in Mayendit, Panyijar and Leer Counties, targeting children under the age of 5years and  pregnant and lactating women.Our interventions include the Outpatient Therapeutic Program(OTP),Therapeutic Supplementary Feeding Program(TSFP) and Stabilization Center(SC) , tackling Moderate Acute Malnutrition(MAM) and Acute Malnutrition(AM) in the three counties. Our Stabilization Center caters to children under 5 years with medical complications such as severe dehydration, severe malaria , pneumonia, loss of appetite , TB and HIV patients, and also admits  acute malnutrition cases from the OTP , TSFP and In-patient Therapeutic programs.UNIDOR’s nutrition interventions are aimed to prevent excess morbidity, mortality and acute malnutrition.

 In line with the globalsphere standards,

OPT, TSPF, SC Programs. Partnership with MSF for medical emergencies

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