Protection (General protection, child protection ,GVB and MRE)

According to the report released in 2010 by UNICEF, children in South Sudan continue to be at risk of many violations, stemming from the impact of the armed conflict that ravaged the country for more than 20 years. The civil war has destroyed the social fabric of communities and many children have been left without the protection of caring adults, which exposes them to high levels of violence, including violence against women and girls, exploitation, abuse (sexual and physical) and deprivation. In this regard, UNIDOR is funded by UNICEF among other donors to provide psycho-social support to distressed children, create comprehensive awareness campaigns, and hold meetings with key governing officials on the rights of children, protection and responding to child protection issues – neglect, abuse, and recruitment.

UNIDOR has enhanced promotion of justice for children through the provision of accessible, effective and quality protection services to children who are in contact with the law, provided support through community-based programmes for the protection of children affected by armed conflict, advocated and supported  the implementation of the Child, Act and helped in capacity development of key actors within the social welfare, legal systems and the judiciary(lawmakers and law enforcement agents) at national and state level, community based child protection workers, children, young people, families and communities.